Blank Canvas

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CyHerbia Botanical Gardens Cyprus
CyHerbia Botanical Gardens


This is my new blank canvas for my next project! Very exciting!

Seeing a beautiful, big, blank wall like this made me remember being at college and although I personally have never had issues with large white spaces or canvas waiting to be painted. I remember many of my fellow students did. I was thinking about my approach and what I could share to help those who find large, white canvas a little daunting.

I am very free with my artwork. I am itching to start this!

So where to start……?

I am not afraid of making mistakes. I start with chalk or pastel sketching my designs out. A damp cloth easily removes unwanted lines or even whole sections that may need to be resized or repositioned.

When I work on canvas I paint straight onto the canvas without sketching first. Again I am not afraid of making mistakes as paint is so forgiving, you can easily paint over anything you don’t like……..or the whole canvas and start again.

I think the key factor is to not be afraid of messing things up. There is always another piece of paper or canvas. You can always paint over and start again. Even on a large scale wall. Work big and fill your space. Be free and just enjoy experimenting. It’s often through play we find new techniques to apply to our artwork and this freedom in creating helps us grow.

Once I have sketched in major parts of the design for this mural I will start to block in some main colours. It is quite a detailed design so I will possibly need to sketch again throughout the painting process.

I will keep sharing pictures of the mural’s progress!

I hope that more of you budding artists out there feel encouraged to express yourself on a bigger scale!


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