Giving back – Dog Valley Rescue Centre

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  1. Today I drove to almost the other side of our little island of love, to support the opening of the new Dog Valley Rescue Centre.

I took some prints of pet portraits I have done, a selection of cushion covers, bags and greeting cards featuring some of the dogs I have drawn and painted and I made some necklaces.

Here in Cyprus we have many stray dogs and shelters are rammed and volunteers overworked.

The Dog Valley shelter is in a beautiful location. I was pleased to see the dogs were all in really good condition and the place was very clean. There is a great atmosphere there and the team of volunteers were wonderful people who give their best selves to the dogs. It was well organised. The public are welcome to come and walk and interact with the dogs, which is fantastic for the socialisation of the dogs. I was very impressed.

I believe in giving back. I like to do as much as I can to help where I can and canines are close to my heart.

When I am commissioned to create a portrait. I later make greeting cards of the images and ALL the proceeds from these cards go to help stray dogs in rescues in Cyprus. I am currently supporting 3 different dog shelters with the sales from these cards and also the Famagusta cat care project.

Any commissions I receive through Dog Valley Rescue I will be donating a percentage to them to help with the upkeep of their dogs and a percentage also from cushion and bag sales. I have donated some doggy jewellery for them to sell at another upcoming event.

I would also like to thank Dog Valley for promoting my work.

Please think about how you can give back to your community in some way. It doesn’t matter how great or small a gesture. Whatever you can manage. It is so important to give from your heart in life.

Maybe you too can walk a dog at your local animal rescue centre if you are not in a financial position to donate. There is always some way of giving or helping.

It would be great to hear how you give back and to inspire others to do the same.

I’d love to read ideas in your comments ♥


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