Mural at CyHerbia botanical park.

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The latest mural I am working on is the second one at the botanical park.

The design is of “circle of the seasons”. Each corner of the wall represents a different season with an open circular centre.

I have been working more on the detail on the Autumn part of the circle although there is so much more magic to add.Mural at CyHerbia

I have done lots of research to see which plants, herbs, trees and animals are doing what in each season! I will be adding seasonal herbs and flowers, hibernating animals, butterflies and lots more!

I am so excited about this artwork. Of course there will also be some fairy folk hiding in the scene going about their fairy business! 

Pumpkin detail

New challenges for me regarding the weather.   The wall is in full sun in the afternoon! Wednesday was so hot that even in the morning shade the paint was drying far too fast to blend and forming a thick skin in the tin.

I am now working with a different technique to accomodate that. Much thinner paint in small cups and painting with a layering of washes on the wall.

My night owl habits will also need to change for now as I need to start painting by 7am to take advantage of the cooler, shadier hours.

Artist at work!

The park is absolutely magical in the stillness of that hour with only the sweet sounds of nature for company.

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