I love animals, especially dogs and I love to paint and draw them. I find that painting animals is more challenging for me than my more abstract work. When I use paint as a medium for animals I like to create more colourful effects, rather than trying to reproduce the exact colours of the animal I am working on. Until now in my charcoal and pastel artworks I have kept the drawings more realistic. I do enjoy working in pastel very much, I love the softness and subtleness of the blending. Most of the artworks in this gallery are private commissions and there are more dogs than any other animals. I make my own greeting cards from these artworks to create an income for animal rescues in my area. All the proceeds from these cards go towards helping stray dogs in 3 different dog rescues and the Famagusta cat care project. I would like to have more cat commissions in order to be able to offer more cat images for the greeting cards for the stray cat care project