Healing the Heart Of Cyprus collection is a collection of paintings all about this beautiful island of love, that I have chosen as my base. Throughout history Cyprus has seen difficult times. This year (2013) again she has faced more challenges. Healing the Heart of Cyprus is about giving love back to this beautiful Island. These paintings are to bring new faith and hope. To renew and replenish. To relight the fire within the souls of the nation and reawaken the energy of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, who protects Cyprus and empowers both women and men who are ready to embrace the softer, feminine aspects of self. Find God’s light within the heart of Cyprus. Find God’s light within your own soul. In each painting Cyprus is represented by the heart shape and each painting contains a physical property of this magical Island. (physical properties in the form of : sea water has been used to mix the paint, some paintings contain red soil and some contain sand, shells or stones.) I have kept a simple palette of limited colours to all of the paintings in this series. At the beginning of 2013 I felt inspired to create a series of paintings to ‘heal the heart of Cyprus’ and mapped out pages of sketches of how these paintings would be. I started work on them and shortly afterwards here in Cyprus we experienced the collapse of the banking system and the ‘crisis’ began. I continued my work and launched the paintings in an exhibition in September 2013.