Large scale mural “CIRCLE OF THE SEASONS” at CyHerbia Botanical Park and Labyrinth, Cyprus
Summer 2017

The inspiration for this mural is from Enid Blyton, who’s books I adored as a child. The mural incorporates seasonal herbs and flowers in keeping with the Park’s nature of growing herbs and producing products from their harvests.The mural is intended to be educational in the way of teaching visually what happens in nature in each season. A magical element is added to this enchanted wall, on the entrance to the tearoom, with the addition of fairy folk.
CyHerbia hosts an annual fairy festival and Halloween festival as well as other events so the pumpkins and fairy folk have been included to feature those aspects of the park too.

Fairy Mural at CyHerbia Botanical Park and Labyrinth,
Spring 2017

Fairy mural.
This wall needed to be painted so that it didn’t detract from the beautiful bookcase staircase but also was a feature in itself. silhouetted fairies and flowers against a mysterious dark teal background worked perfectly.